• CNC Machinists – Lathes
  • CNC Machinists – Mills
  • Manual Machinists – Large Lathes
  • Manual Machinists – Large Boring Mills
  • Industrial Mechanics – Machinery Teardown and rebuild
  • Welders / Fitters
  • Light Duty Truck Driver



Why join our team?

At Denver Machine Shop every Job is different than the last. We operate as a job shop so our employees get to enjoy the rewards of a new challenge every single day. Our machinery is primarily bigger than most shops so the need to the best journeymen who are willing to take on big work is a must. Our employees are competent and confident in their work. If you are wanting to work with the best we would love to have you join our team.

What are the benefits offered?

Great Hours

Shop hours – 8 hours per day Monday-Friday. Employees can start at 6 AM or 7 AM. Plenty of OT is available. Flexible hours to take care of personal business or family issues. We can allow you to take a few hours and make up for the time later.

Competitive Pay

Denver Machine Management studies current wages in the country and our area. We participate in a survey nationwide and adjust our wages to be in the upper 60% for machine and fabrication shops in our area
Profitability Sharing – Christmas Bonus offered to all employees based on the profitability of the company.


All Employees transferring into our shop from another get 2 weeks paid vacation the year they start. 3 weeks PTO offered after 10 years. Safety Bonus – All employees receive ½ day of PTO for every quarter we have no lost time accidents, 2 more days a year!


Denver Machine Shop offers full medical insurance without employee participation for all employees
Additional plans are available for family members

Safety PPE

Denver Machine Shop will pay for PPE to include subscription safety glasses.

Opportunity for Professional Growth

All employees are encouraged to learn and master as many machine tools as we have. DMS Employees cross train to ensure we are able to meet the requirements of our customers. Wages are commensurate with the skills and team work of all individuals.